Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Murals make with walls

Murals can be nowadays in a wide selection with many different designs in stores for wallpaper to find in hardware stores or even online in specialized shops. A photo wallpaper is a large-format image that comes in rolls and is attached much like a familiar, traditional wallpaper with wallpaper paste on a bedroom wall. The individual tracks can form a coherent subject that appears ultimately as an oversized poster.

Murals are already in the 70's once been a popular element for the wall design. In many German homes to find them. Whimsical patterns, kitschy holiday pictures and cute animal photos at this time were the favorite subjects. The trend towards Mural however, lasted only for a few years. Then it disappeared from most apartments. In the 80s, after all, all that had not attach a photo mural on the wall of their room, called the Philistine.

Since then, the private TV station in Germany people have discovered interior design and the design of the four walls, was made ​​a major issue is the wallpaper again a contemporary means of the Wall. A photo wallpaper is able to give a room a very specific mood. You are competing with wall decals and wallpaper patterns, prints and posters on the walls. For the various rooms of a home you can purchase specially suitable Mural. So are often found in kitchens Murals, which are related to the topic of food or drink. For a bedroom like relaxing motifs such as a beach are elected with sea, sun and the obligatory umbrella made ​​of palm leaves.

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